Saturday, June 22, 2013


I haven't posted on here for ages! Well, hopefully with the recent end of the school year i'll be able to do a bit more blog posts, but chances are slim. Mum and Pops have got a busy summer planned for me. School is out though, After moving to California August, 2012, I went to my first year of high school as a freshmen. Next year, I'll be a sophomore. Stay tuned just in case I decide to post some stuff about our summer vacations!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tennis Camp :|

Day 1 I woke up and went early to the parking lot by the byu stadium. They gave me a BYU bag and a lanyard with my meal card. Then we drove over to the indoor tennis courts. They told us the schedule, (8:55 every day), and then we went and lined up according to our height. We were put into three groups and then we each went to different places. Some people went to pre-conditioning, some went to matches, and my group went to drills. At drills, we had different stations, consisting of five people. There was footwork, games, serving, hitting, and volleying. Then, we went to pre-conditioning, which was a nightmare. We ran three laps, then one backwards, without stopping. Then, we sprinted a lap. Then, sprinted another, and then another. We made sure to stay hydrated though. We went back, ate lunch at Legends, and came back for the last group of the day: matches. We played winner up, loser down. Most people didn't understand the rules, so it was pretty lame. Then I was picked up and went home. Day 2 I woke up and went early (8:55 a.m.) to the indoor tennis courts. They had rankings and teams for us. The teams were: Yellow, Green, White, and Blue. We got wristbands for our teams, and checked our rankings. I was towards the lower half, and on the Yellow Team. We then got grouped by our rankings, and I went to drills again. Then, I went to pre-conditioning which was a relay, where we had to have the first person do 15 jumping jacks, and the run around the indoor tennis courts, come back and do 15 sit ups, run up the black hill, a very steep hill, then come back down and do 15 push ups and 24 mountain climbers. And then, we had to come up with a cheer for our team,during matches, and perform it to the coaches. Then we faced the Green Team. We never won with our cheers, but... Day 3 I woke up and went early to the indoor tennis courts on wednesday. I went, again, to drills first, and we did the same stuff. Then we went to pre-conditioning and we did a thing with a pa'tn' (partner). We first ran up some hills and stuff, then we stretched and stuff, and then had a relay. We had to first do leap frog between the yellow team and the blue team , and see who finished first. We got first on that one. Then, we had to do a piggy back ride, where you carry your partner to one side, then they carry you back. We lost on that one because a person from the other team jumped in front of our last two people. Then, for a tie-breaker, we had a wheelbarrow race. Your partner wheelbarrowed you across the field, and you did the same the other way. We lost on the one barely, and so the other team got lolipops. Then, we went to lunch at the Canon Center, and came back for matches. We had to come up with a cheer again, but we didn't win, of course. Then we played the blue team in matches. My first singles game, I barely lost 3-4. Then, my second singles game, I won 4-1. Then we had two double games. It was kind of retarded though because we were short one person, so I got a player from the blue team. She wasn't even trying until 4-1, and she wasn't even good at playing. She also got bonus points for playing on my team. I got slaughtered 6-1 and was very angry. Then, the next round, I had a partner from the yellow team. I was facing the first person I played in singles, and one of the first people I played in doubles. We slaughtered them 7-1 and then, I was feeling a bit better. Then I went home. Day 4 I woke up and went early to the indoor tennis courts, thursday morning. I once again had drills first, the same crap, and then pre-conditioning. But for pre-conditioning we had a little seminar, then we went and jogged, because it was a new pre-conditioning person. Then we ran up a hill with some stairs, and stretched, and then ran back down. Then we had a delicious lunch again at the Canon center, and then we had matches. My matches were alright, then I went home. Final Day I woke up and went early to the indoor tennis courts, friday morning. It was my fifth day and I was excited. I went and immediately they told us who we would face. I went and faced one girl, messed up and lost. Then, my next game I wasted the kid. Then, I went and got lunch, while waiting to eat. I finally decided to go over there since they were taking so long. Then a girl asked me if I was Isaac, telling me we were supposed to play. I was like, What? and like so mad! So, I went over to the courts and waited there just in case, but my coach didn't say anything, and then the same girl was like, oh i was just looking for you, sorry i think we missed our game. So I'm like, gee, thanks, and overall they had terrible communication. They brought popsicles, had a closing ceremony then I went home. But ever since then I've gotten better now. :) so overall, they had bad commmunication, but I don't need to prove myself in a camp; I'm Superike!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Morris Flag

check it out!!!! it's our morris familio flag!i actually just got something in my eye right before i typed this up. :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Track 4x100

Check out this video of us in first place from this handoff! ;)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Speling Bee

Well, why don't you just guess what! I won the speling bee! (it's a wonder how he won) My winning words were baby and infinity! (oh, that's how) Just kidding they were actually globalization and correspond. Now isn't that awesome?! I've proved myself worthy to carry on family's winning tradition. How about THAT?! For all I care you can eat my dust! Well anyways, I just wanted to let you know i won the spelling bee. Love you! Bye.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Uno Mas week

It's a countdown for the week until it's another year!!!! OMZ! Okay dude really what's OMZ? oh that? oh that's oh my zeus. oh. . . um cool. . . . well anyways it's still 6 mas dias! yiiiiiiiipeeeeeeeeeeeey!
alright well see you now we is go playing Whackee Six.

Uno Mas week